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It’s time to unite for the American people and give hope that real change is possible. The America First P.A.C.T. is an alliance of America First candidates dedicated to working together to enact meaningful policy change. Each member of the America First P.A.C.T. is a leader with their own voice, fighting to do what is right for their district and the country. As an alliance, during the election and once in office, we will have a powerful, united voice.

Willie MontAgue | FL
Joseph C. Carter | FL
Laurel Imer | CO
Daniel Foganholi | FL
Dwayne A. McClure
Executive Director
Dwayne A. McClure, is a political strategist from South Carolina. His political experience began when he served as a field representative for his local Republican State House Candidate before he could could drive. Dwayne was later tapped to be the Political Director in both re-election campaigns. From that point on he knew he wanted to be in politics and began Livia Strategies at 21. After college, he served as an Assistant to the South Carolina House Rules and Regulations Committee while also advising numerous state house, state senate, and federal level candidates throughout the Southeast. Dwayne then expanded Livia to every level of race and initiative for 50+ causes in the 15 states and Canada before selling his company and taking a sabbatical in March 2020. But seeing the political climate he knew he had to get involved and by August was advising again. As a student of one of the "Godfathers of the Right", Morton Blackwell, Dwayne has seen what it takes for the Conservative to succeed and why it too often falls short. As a founding member and Executive Director of the America First P.A.C.T he know we are the movement to fix it. With his disarming Southern drawl and laid back demeanor the 12th generation South Carolinian a force of nature.


Corey Gibson
U.S. Congressional Candidate
P.A.C.T. FOUNDER | U.S. Congressional Candidate
Washington, 4th District
Corey believes that unity is the greatest threat against the enemies attacking our nation from within. Running against a Republican who voted to impeach Donald Trump, betraying his district and the nation, Corey is dedicated to reforming the old Republican Party and fighting the swamp with fellow America First leaders. Raised in the agriculture industry and armed with experience developing strategies for networks, studios and foreign governments, Corey has a proven record of finding innovative solutions to tackle global and domestic issues. Corey knows how to get things done!
Brandon Wilkinson
P.A.C.T. VP | U.S. Congressional Candidate
Missouri, 3rd District
Brandon is a regular, everyday, middle class, hard working American with working class values. He is your neighbor, your coworker, and your friend. Brandon works hard to provide a good life for his family and is happy to do it. He believes in and will fight for the constitution and the inherent, God given rights that it guarantees and commands the government to protect. Brandon is an America First Republican running for congress to fight for his district, his country and to ensure that his son and the next generation get to enjoy the same freedoms that we all grew up with, if not more.
Willie Montague
U.S. Congressional Candidate
Florida, 10th District
Willie is the Founder/President of House of Timothy Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Orlando, Florida for young men between the ages of 18 and 25, seeking a second chance at life in a community environment. His 12-month regeneration program is designed to educate, equip, and empower young men in their spiritual, emotional, mental, social and physical growth. His mentorship program Element 26 focuses on ages, 7-17, and also offers an entrepreneurship hub for ages, 18-30. (Young Entrepreneurs Hub).
U.S. Congressional Candidate
North Carolina, 4th District
Christine knows It’s not the government that will lead us to prosperity, but hard-working men and women like you. Christine is a former police officer who is trained to protect us against threats, both foreign and domestic. America is being tested, and Christine is ready to fight for our safety by securing the border and leading with strength on the world’s stage. Evil will continue to test our resolve, but with Christine in Congress, America will continue as the global leader in freedom.
U.S. Congressional Candidate
Michigan, 3rd District
Tom Norton is an America-First, Conservative Veteran running for Congress as a republican in Michigan’s Third District. Tom will NOT surrender our border, our culture, or our rights as American citizens to immigrants, establishment politicians or the global corporations pandering to them. The time has come to put America First. Our time for choosing is here. It is time for us to stand strong for our district and America. Our country is great, her best days are ahead of, not behind her. I’ve got your back. Together, we can stand strong for America and have hers.
Laurel Imer
U.S. Congressional Candidate
Colorado, 7th District
Laurel Imer is a Republican candidate in Colorado’s 7th Congressional District! In 2020 Laurel was hand-picked by President Donald J. Trump and his team to be his delegate to the Republican National Convention for Congressional District 7. Laurel served as Jefferson County Chair for the Donald Trump Campaign in 2016. Laurel was also picked by President Trump and his team to be one of Colorado's 9 Republican Presidential Electors at the Electoral College for the 2016 Presidential Election. When elected Laurel will work hard to align local and federal issues in education and school choice, immigration, infrastructure, and economic growth, capitalizing on the success of President Trump’s America First Policies. Laurel is laser focused on ending human trafficking, completing the southern border wall, securing election integrity and Putting America First Again.
Wesley Smith
U.S. Congressional Candidate
Missouri, 2nd District
Wesley is a common man with a common goal: for America to reach Her full potential. Wesley is from Arnold, Missouri and very proud of his state and country. He understands the importance of knowing when to fight, which he learned from his service in the 82nd Airborne Division. As an Army retiree, he stands for America’s values and is dedicated to defending and upholding them. He believes in the Constitution, our God-given rights, and American traditions. He is a fighter through and through and means to implement the necessary changes to better his community and the lives of all Americans. Now is the time for history is to be made.
Aditya Atholi
U.S. Congressional Candidate
Texas, 1st District
Aditya believes that no politician in DC, including himself, can help us. Only local self-government can. The GOP has believed in this for decades, and our campaign platform is a specific, actionable plan on how we can return to local self-government again.


James P Bradley
U.S. Senate Candidate
James P. Bradley, is a 3rd generation veteran, obtained my Masters in Finance, International Business and Policy, with over thirty years of Senior Executive Management Experience in Healthcare, and International Business. He was born and raised in Rhode Island in a big family of nine children, with diverse political ideologies, most embraced the ideals of John F. Kennedy, however the Democratic Party has shifted their belief system into a far left, Marxist ideology, far from the ideals of what our country was founded on which are Freedoms and Liberties guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution.

He worked thirty years in the Health Care sector modernizing and improving medical systems, as an innovative technology executive consultant helping to implement visionary plans like Tele-medicine, which made it easier for patients to reach out to their physicians, remotely and economically.

James served in the Coast Guard, Search & Rescue from 1981-1986. His father, John Bradley, who is ninety six years young, was a WWII pilot that just received a Congressional Award and Recognition for his acts of Valor and my grandfather served in WWI.


Endorsed by President Donald J. Trump
State Senate Candidate
Arizona, 20th District
As an Arizona State Representative, Anthony fought for secure elections and continues to fix the process until it’s easy to vote and impossible to cheat. Anthony support's law enforcement and our constitutional rights, such as free speech, freedom of religion, and our right to keep and bear arms.

Anthony won the Milton Friedman Award, Liberty Award, the Hero of the Taxpayer award for lowering taxes, cutting spending, and returning more money back to the taxpayer. Anthony has a strong record of supporting pro-family policies that strengthen and help Arizona parents and kids.
Joseph C. Carter
State Senate Candidate
Florida, 33rd District
Joseph C. Carter is a Fort Lauderdale native whose family has served this community for three generations. Joseph believes that in order to truly represent the communities within a district, you have to love the communities in that district. You have to be willing to spend more time in your community than in Tallahassee or Washington DC. The people we have elected throughout the years have demonstrated that they are more concerned with climbing the political ladder than with serving the people who elected them. This country was meant to be governed by the people not by career politicians. It's time to put our government back in the hands of the people.
​Daniel Foganholi
State House Candidate
Florida, 97th District
​Daniel Foganholi is an America First Conservative running for State Representative in Florida’s 97th District. He is a first generation American son of immigrants from Brazil who came to the United States with a dream of making a better life for their children. Raised in Coral Springs, throughout his life, Daniel has actively served in ministries and outreaches across south Florida. Now as a father and family man, Daniel has more passion than ever to change his community for the future generations to come. Daniel realizes the importance of the future generations having proper knowledge of what our country stands on. Our moral ethical beliefs that shaped our country is swaying more than ever now and it is our duty to revive the Republican Party.


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